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Audition Information

Read all information carefully

  • Students do not need to audition to be in Symphonic Band, however

  • Students that do audition will be seated within sections based on the results of their audition (and in some sections be placed into 1st, 2nd or 3rd parts)

  • Students are eligible to be placed in Wind Ensemble (honors) by auditioning with the "High School" audition music in addition to the "Middle School" music

  • Thoughts while you prepare for your audition:

    • Auditions will take place the first week of school - you must sign up for an audition time online here (link will be active in August).​

    • Be sure to identify all tempos, dynamics, articulations, repeats, etc. as notated in the music.

    • Practice with other students to better prepare.

Symphonic Band Audition Music

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