Chamber Choir

Audition Information

Friday, Aug. 31st - Lunch - Audition Workshop

Thursday, Sept. 6 - Auditions - 3pm-5pm

Saturday, Sept. 8 - Auditions - 10am-1pm

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The audition will consist of the following:

  1. Vocalization to check your range (this will determine your section: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)

  2. Major Scale* (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do and down)

  3. Major Arpeggio* (Do-Mi-Sol-Mi-Do)

  4. Minor Arpeggio* (Do-Me-Sol-Me-Do)

  5. Chromatic Scale* (Mary Had A Little Lamb)

  6. Solo Selection (Broadway solo or Italian aria) - please bring sheet music

  7. Tonal Memory Five-Note Patterns (played twice, sung back on any syllable)

  8. Sight-reading (easy 4-8 measure tune with mostly stepwise motion, 1 accidental)

* If you don't know how to do these, check out the video below.

2:52 - Scales & Arpeggios

4:06 - Tonal Memory

5:58 - Sight Reading